Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 17th- Playdate

Again, the sun!!! Oh well, he is obviously enjoying himself. I am not going to beat myself up over it.

I know, not good, but I just had to show how fun a playdate is for an 8mo old.

So again, harsh sun right at midday. Not much I can do about lighting. Here are some I got, all unedited.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 11th

Came back out again around 430pm and the lighting was much better.

Metering for a little overexposure created some hotspots. I think that can be fixed in pp, which is not on my to-do list yet. Also shooting at 12pm sun was harsh for the shadows, not sure how to position myself in relation to the sun.
I always remember slip and slides being bigger when I was little, or else this is just a small one.

June 10th

I like the focus on his eyes in this picture, I wish the hand wouldn't have blurred out.
Always the goofy faces!
Poor guy has a cold and new tooth coming. He is one slobbery mess. Does the focus look soft on some parts?
I am trying to work on the lighting and taking more "clean" pictures post processing. I find that I have to put them in front of a window to get the best light. I set up the metering +1 to give more light to their faces. I am wondering if a speedlight would be a good investment for indoor pics.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June 9th

No, I don't know why he wouldn't put his hand down.

Too much shadow.
This is automode w/flash. I could not get a good manual shot in the aquarium tunnel. Don't have the equip for that, yet.

Butterfly Pavillion. This could use some PP to reduce the overexposure on the fruit.
Zoo again.

June 8th

Soccer. One thing I notice I do a lot is try not to cut them off and them I end up being so far away I feel I miss some of the feelings of the shot.

May 30th

Lost part of the foot on this one.
Too much headroom?

Discovery of grass. I really think I need some work on composure. That is the spot that is most difficult, well that and some obvious exposure problems. I rely too much on the rule of thirds and loose some of the other parts of the picture. I think that maybe a zoom lens or anything other than a kit lens would broaden my field for framing. Right?