Monday, August 12, 2013

A question of willpower...

So this morning started off great! I got dinner in the crockpot, got breakfast for the kids (oatmeal) and was prepared my own breakfast bonanza.  The Mr. is taking the oatmeal to work, and I am thinking that while I am home another 1 1/2  weeks I can still stay Whole 30.  Right? Good plan, but poorly executed today.  This morning's breakfast was delish. Two eggs scrambled up in coconut oil, and some cherry tomatoes from  the garden sauted in balsamic vinegar.  Yum!
Well then during lunch, there was a problem. I had to take my computer to the tech center, since my awesome 3 year old broke the screen...grrrr.  So we drove 30 minutes there, had to wait in town for over an hour, and wouldn't you know it's lunch time.  It was already 130 and I was totally pushing my luck holding off the kids.  So here is my willpower- lack there of.  I was to lazy, I admit it, lazy to find a place or run into the grocery store and grab something more nutritionally sound.  What a mistake!! God, I am such a victim of guilt, or remorseful shopping syndrome.  Taco Bell, really, that is what we had.  It's not even food- real food, good food, meat for crying out loud!! 
It was a poorly made decision in a moment of total weakness and laziness.  It was one I will not make again. Here is one thing I know about myself- once I mess up and feel the guilt associated with it- I never make the mistake again.
Dinner was back on track- boring- but on track.

I have also discovered LaCroix waters. I got a pack of the lime flavored ones at Costco and they are awesome! Totally take care of any soda cravings I may get. 

A New Start

So we have begun this week, again, with modified paleo/clean eating plan. The weekdays we are staying mostly palea (2/3 at the least), with occasional cheese/dairy if needed.  The weekends are a bit more flexible and are more of what you would classify as clean eating, where we allow for grains, beans, and alcohol.  So on the menu for this week:
Monday: Crockpot Chicken Taco salads
Tuesday: Leftovers
Wednesday: Paleosagna
Thursday: Paleosagna
Friday: Lemon Orange Chicken 
Saturday: Leftovers
Sunday: Cabbage rolls

Monday & Tuesday: Salmon Cakes, carrots, avocado, fruit
Wednesday: leftover chicken taco salad, fruit
Thursday & Friday- Rotisserie Chicken, steamed veggies, fruit

Monday-Wednesday: Crockpot Apple Oatmeal 
Thursday & Friday: Egg Scramble
Saturday: Waffles & homemade sausage 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 21- Epic Fail

So having mixed feelings today- disappointment and then also relief.  More disappointment or even guilt than anything. We had been doing so great- despite the difficulty of vacation and cooking separate for the kids we were rocking it.  Then...I don't know we had a moment of weakness that neither one of us pulled the other out of.  So after eating a stellar breakfast and lunch we went out to dinner. Burgers and a beer kind of dinner.  And you know what... it wasn't even that good!  But as I have reflected the past few days that is alright.  We have gained some serious insight into what food does and has done to our bodies.  Even though we were a few days short I am not going to have us start over, we are just going to end there and transition into a more sustainable lifestyle for us.

I have done a TON of reading, even prior to this about food, and what's in food, and what we should avoid an on and on so I am pretty squared away on what will be in our kitchen. If anything I have certainly learned ways to cook with veggies in a myriad of ways.  So that new trend is totally sticking with us.  So here it is our "new" plan for what will hopefully be the rest of our and our children's lives.

We are going to go about an 85/15 paleo/clean and then what I will call a "US" diet.
I am a huge fan of Food Babe and 100 Days of Real Food.  Both have such supreme knowledge of what is in our food and how to realistically take your family to a whole foods or clean eating approach.  For us we will all be eating paleo for breakfast and lunch meaning low carb and lots of meats and veggies. When I say us I mean my husband and I, as for the the kids the big guy usually eats school lunch, the middle man takes a lunch and breakfast to school but his will be a bit more different.  And well, little Miss? Well she'll just eat whatever Nana fixes her, usually oatmeal and fruit.

I am going to add back in grains, specifically whole wheat and corn. For baking and bread purposes it is the more feasible option and heck we like a good sandwich or waffle now and then. But, I am picky about my bread- we get ours at Great Harvest Bread Company. Yeah it's a bit more, but you know what? They actually only have 5 ingredients!! Wheat flour (that they grind there), water, honey, yeast and salt- just like Grandma used to make.  As for corn- this is more for our mexican dishes- we love mexican!! Give me some grilled fish tacos and habanero mango sauce any day- delicioso! And, after reading Food Babe I have decided to stick with sprouted corn tortillas- or make my own- as that is the one way to avoid GMO produced corn- blech.

We will also add back in beans (when necessary) and dairy.  We used to be big yogurt people, well my kids still are, but after the Whole 30 I learned I didn't need the dairy to help me stay full- so why keep it.  Cheese- well you can't really have enchiladas without it- well you can, but who'd want to?

Lastly- alcohol. Yep- I said we will add that in.  Nothing wrong with a few drinks in moderation or a glass of wine on a cold winter's night- better yet Bailey's and coffee.  If you want to learn more about what is really in that beer you just cracked or how to make smarter choices when it comes to what you partake in check out Food Babe's investigation into just what is in that beer.  You'd be surprised!!

Other than the few grains, beans now and then, and cheese now and then- we are pretty much on track.  I liked the way  I felt physically on the paleo- I was not hungry between meals- I was not bloated- and I was losing body fat, maybe not a lot of pounds, but it was certainly a change in the way my clothes fit!  You can't ask for much more than that!!

I will be posting our menu plans and more of what we are actually eating and doing on the post Whole 30 or in our case "Whole 21".

Saturday, July 27, 2013


So as I stated in previous post we had spent the weekend in Adventureland. Now I didn't stop, nor am I going to start over on day 1 (that is just crazy!) but I am not counting those days on vacation. I did the best that I could while at the parks and out in a new town, but since I am not 100% certain on the ingredients I am not counting those days into our Whole 30.  I can share what we ate or did to help make it easier.

The morning of we cooked breakfast as per usual. I made sure to bring some extra snacks with us into the park (sneak them in I mean) in case of emergency.  I had checked online before leaving and found a diner that offered a great selection of food for paleo and non-paleo alike, and a few craft beers for the old man.

So lunch consisted of a grilled chicken breast with mustard...boring...but filling. There were none, I mean no veggies in the park except for fries. So I just skipped this.  Note for travelers, I found the park's eateries online and surprisingly enough they listed every ingredient in every food they served right down to the funnel cake batter! I was quite thrilled to see that, not so much the actual ingredients, but they at least were forthright in what was being served.

Dinner was at the Raccoon River Brewing company. It had an excellent menu for paleo people- great choice of sides. I got the sesame crusted tuna and sauteed spinach. Very good if I do say so myself.

We only stayed on night and the next day was at the park- same meal for lunch. The hotel offered a continental breakfast that had scrambled eggs and fruit.  So all in all pretty good paleolithic excursion.  Definitely would need to think ahead about bringing veggies..

Day 20

We spent the past few days at a nearby amusement park with the kids. Man did we have fun!! My middle man, and most fearless rode his first coaster and was hooked, the older one (my little adult) did not enjoy them nearly as much.  But, needless to say there were plenty of other rides that they enjoyed.  I did learn that rides I loved when I was younger, you know the spinny ones that made you feel like you'd be sick after, those no longer hold the same appeal... hmmm wonder why that is?  I also realized that children have no sense of self preservation- anything in the name of adrenaline!!

It was a great get away and came at a great time-I obviously needed a break, even just this tiny one.

Breakfast: egg and banana scramble- no pic, I'm sure you get the point of what it is we are eating.

Lunch- rotisserie chicken with steamed veggies- there really was more there than it looks. I am always quite satisfied when I'm done eating.

Dinner- delicious, albeit spicy Chicken/ Turkey Chili Lime Burgers.  I made half with turkey and half with chicken just to see the taste, I also added half a lime (juiced) We were trying to find a recipe that mimicked Trader Joe's Chicken Chili Lime burger.  This one was pretty close, just a little too spicy for my kids- but we loved it.  I also made broccoli slaw and a couple dressings, one was a strawberry vinaigarette and the other...well I don't really know just threw some things together and called it good.
The other dressing in case you're wondering was:
2 cloves of garlic minced
1/2 in piece of ginger minced
1 TBL sesame seeds
1/4 tsp black pepper
1/4 tsp salt
1 TBL Rice vinegar
1 TBL White wine vinegar
mixed all up and serve.

Wasn't my cup of tea- but the Mr. liked it.

Day 19

So I am playing catch-up today.  I've been away and didn't get on to post or even check email- ahhh the serenity of no technology!

So here we go-
Breakfast was...sweet potato and banana mash with scrambled egg

Lunch- we were at the zoo today- did I mention we have the coolest zoo ever!! I packed in my lunch of leftover fajita chicken salad with cilantro lime dressing and a banana.  Totally perfect for this gorgeous day!! We ate outside the desert dome.  Seriously, if you're in Omaha you have to go to the zoo!!

Dinner: was hamburger and veggies - no pic 

Exercise- about walking the zoo for nearly 4.5 hours.  I'm good! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 18

Good lord I was crabby today. I was totally wanting to fall off the wagon, good thing the Mr talked me out of it.  I'm just gonna barf it all out here just so I get it out and can move on!
1. This eating plan is expensive- I don't like spending all my money on food, I like to spend it on quality food- but not just meat and veggies and fat..
2. I don't see what is wrong with legumes or bread. Neither of us had any sort of affliction or problems before and darn it I just wanted some toast with my eggs!  Or homemade (clean) "refried" beans with my fajitas tonight.
3.  There is no way to replicate mashed potatoes, tortillas, chips, or any other old staple with any type of flour- No. Doesn't happen.  I don't care what you say it is not decadent or delicious or whatever. Blah...
4. And, I think that doing all this restriction to my diet is messing with all my systems (some good, some bad) especially the hormones. (obviously)

Can ya tell I am crabby. There I got it out and am moving on. I know this reset is what we need to get back to our clean eating habits and I am definitely eating more veggies then ever before! I've lost 8lbs and feel better physically.  I'm not usually a whiner about our eating, but all I wanted today was a real fajita.

Breakfast: apple and peanut butter and banana (don't look at my breakfast as a good example)

Lunch: chicken fajita meat and a giant bowl of steamed veggies

Dinner: Deconstructed fajita.  I tried a paleo wrap from coconut..uh no thanks.  My one year old liked it though.

And now I am putting my crabby ass to bed! Tomorrow is a new day and today my motto was one meal at a time.  Some days are like that. 

Day 17.

Today was...well it just was nothing exciting.  A 100 degree day spent hanging with the kids in our little pool and cleaning.  Fairly productive.

Breakfast: banana egg scramble with sausage patty (homemade)

Lunch: leftover chicken and tuna salad with steamed veggies. Not exciting or really that good- but it was fuel.

Dinner: Leftover ribs from dinner and a salad with mixed veggies- I didn't even get a picture 

Snack: jerky (homemade) 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 16

Nothing exciting today.. so this will be brief.

Breakfast- banana egg mash

Lunch- rotisserie chicken and broccoli

Dinner- we have about 3 racks of ribs and I was feeling like some ribs.  Finding a rib recipe that doesn't use sugar in the rub is rather difficult, but I did come across one on a paleo site.  It was different than we have had before- we usually smoke ribs but this time we did an oven version rather tasty!  I also came across a BBQ sauce recipe- I tried and did not really like- too much orange juice for me, so I did a lot of modifying on it.  It was alright in the end.  We also attempted mashed cauliflower- I can so that was definitely not good. It is certainly not anything like mashed potatoes- so whoever said you'll never miss them was completely off.

Exercise- Run 5k- recorded my fastest mile and 5k time!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 15- Whole 30

So I am feeling much better today- no more crabby patty here! Now I don't know if my increased feel of energy is due to a good nights sleep, the whole paleo eating, or if it's all in my head and I just have more energy because I should by this point- at any rate I don't care! I feel better.

The Mr and I are working through our re-integration plan.  I'm not sure paleo 100% of the time is for us.  We will definitely just be eating clean 100% of the time and we were thinking within that, 85/15 paleo.  For us it's not as feasible with little kids and me working as a full time teacher and part time photographer (which is more and more becoming full time). Summers are a piece of cake since I am off and can cook and prep as needed.  I know it is excuses, but it's just not for us, nor is it something I have bought into 100% as far as the healthiest way of eating is concerned.  It is certainly a good detox and a way for people that suffer various ailments to see if it is their diet that is causing most of their problems.

So as for today:
Breakfast- egg scramble (added in an egg as per suggestions for upping caloric intake) with green peppers and onions. Homemade sausage patty.  Water.

Lunch- weellll let's just say it didn't happen today. My grand plan was to feed the kids lay the littlest one down, go running then come home and eat.  Well THAT didn't happen.  What did happen, you say? Well I made the kids lunch and laid the littlest down- was getting ready to go running when the MR needed to run to Lowes and make a return (right then ;) )  So okay, put that on hold- he returned I went home uh 235 and we were leaving for a movie at 3... So, no lunch.  BTW The Conjuring great flick for a fun night out!

Dinner- Chipotle.  The only approved, easily created "fast food".  Although be mindful you can only get carnitas, lettuce, guac and salsa/pico. No other meats allowed (cooked  and marinated in other oils). It is such a delicious treat!

Exercise: Running 2 miles.  I use the Nike app even though I don't have the shoes. It has a great GPS and you can pair up with friends to keep you motivated.  All very good!

Snacks: Banana with coconut milk.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Two Weeks Two Weeks Two Weeks DOWN!!!!

Ahhh I have arrived at the halfway point, finally.  I am feeling pretty good today, still a little unstable emotionally which I read was pretty normal at this time, at least I am better than yesterday. I could hardly stand to be around myself!!  Poor children!

Today's meals were not that inspired- I need to get to the store! I really want to try the Paleo Pad Thai, I tried to make it today but the store was out of spaghetti squash- seriously! Next week.

Breakfast: sweet potato with mashed banana and a couple of eggs- pretty good if I do say so myself!

Lunch: Here is where it gets exciting.... meat sauce and carrots!! See, told ya' exciting! 

Dinner: Almond & coconut flour coated chicken thighs, butternut squash and a salad.  Pretty much all I could throw together. Like I said I need to go to the store! 

Exercise: WOD- loved it!! Maybe when the Mr. and the oldest get home I'll go for a run.  

Day 13 of Whole 30

Woo hoo I am in the teens!! Can't believe it- well I can actually it has been fairly easy.  I am still awoke tired today and just not having much energy to get moving. I did step on the scale and was down 2 almost 3lbs, which is kinda a bummer ( I know it's not a weightloss diet) but being that I am eating only like 700 calories or so a day you'd think I'd lose more quicker, plus all the running.  Anyway my skin is awesome and  I am never feeling bloated or "fat".  I feel tighter and I know the weight will melt away as my body learns to burn fat, I'm just impatient.  

I decided to add back in some quick crossfit exercises to help me gain some tone as I drop the fat! I took my measurements and was like whaaatt?? So....  I absolutely love Califit Mamas!! She has the best WOD and they are fairly quick most about 15 minutes. I didn't start the 90 day challenge on July 7th like they did, so I am just a bit behind. I started on Day 1 of the 90 day challenge today. I was way more sweaty and out of breath doing this 15 minute workout then running on the elliptical for 20 minutes yesterday.  I will still be running at night at least 5x/week.

Breakfast: another round of egg and banana scramble and a V-8. Heading to the store today to get more veggies and eggs for some scrambles.  I even got the kids on it today- the little miss liked it, but the boys- eh not so much. The transition to a more sugar  free existence will be hard for them!

Lunch: Leftover meat sauce with some carrots and celery to dip in. I know sounds weird, but I like weird.  No picture because---well I forgot.

Dinner: Chicken stir fry with f'rice (cauliflower)
Again no pics, but I have made it before so if you really want to see what it looks like all cooked up have at it!  I added some leftover steak from last night as well.

Snacks: Tried a smoothie with kale, kiwi, mango, and lime. It was eh...but with the coconut milk gave me just what I needed after my WOD!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 12- almost halfway there!!

Today will be my first time dining out since starting the Whole 30.  I am going shopping with my mom and cousin, so I am hoping there will be something, somewhere that I can eat! I was just thinking hey no biggie I can just get some meat and a salad or veggies. But, most restaurants steam their veggies in butter and put some sort of seasoning or rub on the meat that may contain sugar..!  So here's to hoping I can find a suitable lunch.
Still having a bit of "carb flu" upon waking.  Nagging headache and just overall lethargy.  I seem to get more energy as the day goes on, but nighttime I can't go to sleep!

Breakfast: another banana and egg mash up with some cinna-hashies on the side. Finally got a breakfast that incorporate fruit, protein, and veggie (that's the tough one! )

Lunch: ah lunch what a disaster. We went to a local brewery expecting they would have some decent selection of salads or grilled meats...wrong! I know this wouldn't be approved- but other than paying $15 for a dry salad (no oil & vinegar dressing) or $20 for a piece of grilled chicken no sides (none were compatible- NOT ONE!)  I ordered almond flour coated calamari and veggies. I pray it was actually almond flour- didn't taste almondy like I was expecting, and it was fried in veggie oil. But after consulting with the facebook group it seemed the oil was okay in dire circumstances...well  I guess it was. I wish  I would have checked ahead to see what restaurants were out there and scanned the menus... you can never be too prepared!  I have done this for our upcoming vacation and already know what to order.  Lesson learned.  Some people who may be die hard Whole 30's would start over- but I feel I will pry survive a little veggie oil...I hope. Although it should be said I felt kinda greasy after eating just half of it, and it was not a satisfying meal at all.  

Dinner- much better! We grilled up some steak and scallops, side of broccoli and some salad with a homemade greek dressing.  Felt much better after this meal! 

Exercise: 20 minutes on the elliptical - I am not feeling motivated at all today to run outside being that it is 96 deg. How do you stay cool in the summer heat when exercising?  I have to go in the evening since I am home with the kids all day during the summer. Suggestions? 

No snacks!! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 11 of Whole 30

So this "carb flu" thing is getting old.  I woke up again today with a slight headache, not a big one, just a bit annoying.  Today was another day of getting misc. groceries- how can I not have all that I need? Maybe I am just addicted to the grocers... cuz it was another $90 between Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. Word to the wise- TJ's has coconut milk for only .99 that is a good deal! I also scored some kale chips there that were not half bad.   

Breakfast: Banana & Egg scramble ( just two eggs mixed up with a mashed banana fried up in coconut oil) I put some cinnamon on top- cuz let's face it cinnamon makes everything better!  I also had a few slices of bacon left over from the Mr.'s egg cups I made him for work this week.

Lunch- Well let's just say I had to make myself eat lunch and as you  can see the plate shows my lack of enthusiasm about eating.  Apple slices with almond butter and a V-8.  Yep- Thomas was having more fun than I was!

Dinner was at my parents house- they made spaghetti and salad. So I toted along my own cooked spaghetti squash and some homemade dressing and called it good. I even had no desire to partake in the birthday cake and ice cream for my cousin, even though whipped topping is the only type of frosting I will enjoy.... Discipline people- discipline. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 10 of the Whole 30

Today was a pretty productive day. We started the day at the splash park, although the boys had fun, Elin wanted nothing to do with it!  Then we headed to the local grocer for some more Larabars and some more produce of course.  Can never just not go the store. I think I have everything and plenty of it and then BAM we run out of something! It never ends...
Im kinda excited for tonight- my oldest and I are going to an outdoor movie in the park- Ghostbusters!!

Breakfast: egg scramble with leftover veggies and some cinna-hashies 

Lunch: Leftover chili and fruit

Dinner: Spaghetti Squash with meat sauce (no sugar) and salad and this dressing.

Exercise: 2 mile run
Snacks: Larabar and nuts

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day 9- Feeling Awesome

Today was a typical Sunday around our zoo, cleaning and getting ready for the week.  I have the groceries bought and menu planned for the week.  I also took my son on a ride around the lake while I ran. Great way to exercise and I shaved a minute off my time.  Although in the middle of my run I was fixing my timer on my ipod when he so kindly pointed said " I don't know why you use that thing, you already know how fast your going...slow."  Thanks so much dear son, especially coming from the guy on the bike!  May I remind you it is also 90 degrees here!!
Good thing I ate well today to fuel me.  I did wake with a headache again, like a hangover, but it wore off quickly.

Breakfast: leftover blueberry clafouti - it truly tastes better than it looks (plus I burnt it..)

Lunch: leftover burgers from last night.

Tonight: Chili. Kinda a weird choice after a 90 degree day, but I am trying to find some more budget friendly meals after spending crazy amounts the first weeks.  Just look at all that paleo goodness in there.  I only put in a pound of beef and it seems like it is plenty of meat. The original recipe called for 1lb of pork and a about a pound of mixed meat (whatever you have in the fridge).

*** I should note that although I am a photographer, I take these with my iphone. I don't have time to set up pretty meal pics--- I wanna EAT!  So I apologize if they aren't that awesome. ***

Meal Plan Coming Week:

Breakfasts: Blueberry Clafouti
                   Bacon lined egg muffins with green pepper and onion
                   Egg scramble with whatever veggies I have and monkey salad
Lunches: Chili a few days
               Spaghetti squash with meat sauce
               Chicken Stir Fry *** all leftovers from dinner***
Dinner : Chili (see recipe above)
             Spaghetti squash with meat sauce (omit the sugar you totally don't even need it!)
             Chicken Stir Fry

Happy Whole 30!!!

Day 8- Rough Day

Today was a rough day- I am still feeling kinda irritable and thinking it is pry related to the carb-flu. Yeah- detox... Anyway this morning I tried a new recipe a Blueberry Clafouti it was a new and much more enjoyable way to eat my eggs this morning.  Plus it was super simple, eggs, blueberries, cinnamon and vanilla- ya kidding me? That is my type of recipe!
Here's my only major complaint with this diet- the money! I have spent over $700 in groceries and we are only on day 8, granted we started unofficially the week before- but still.  My monthly budget for groceries that I like to stick to, for a family of 5 is $600.   I would totally take any suggestions on how to cut that waaaayyy down! I know real food is expensive, but I feel for those less fortunate that are not able to experience this type of eating experience- something needs to change there.

Breakfast: It doesn't look pretty, but believe me it was pretty good!

Lunch was pretty pathetic so no way was I taking pics. It was just some reheated chicken thighs and carrots- blah.

Dinner- Grilled burgers topped with kraut, tomatoes, onions, and lettuce with a side of green beans.

Exercise: Ran 2 miles 

Snacks: Bowl of mixed fruit after dinner.  

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 7- Week One is Done!!

 Yeah I made it- one week. I am feeling crabby and tired.  I am ready for this big burst of energy I have been reading about to kick in...!

Breakfast: Monkey Salad
                 Bacon egg cups and carrots

Lunch: Leftover chicken and cilantro lime dressing on a bed of lettuce (no pics)

Dinner: Boy this was a challenge!! I had a wedding to shoot at night. I had no idea what they would be serving, so luckily I threw a few cashews and a larabar in my bag before I left.  Guess what it was- pasta!! Alfredo and marinara with meatballs. I wasn't sure what was in the meatballs, so I passed. They did have salad and a fruit tray. So I snagged some lettuce, and topped with some fruit and the cashews I bought. Boring- but it did the trick.  I didn't even snack when I got home!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 6 of the Whole 30

Nothing exciting today. I am trying to get my kids to try some new food each week.  This week it was plantains. I tried to saute some up in coconut oil and top with cinnamon- was no go. Only my wee little tot loved them.  Well, one down- two to go!

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with coconut milk and sugar free bacon.

Lunch: Leftover salad- did I mention it is Ahh-mazing!!?? With cantelope

Dinner: Grilled Steak and veggies with roasted parsnips.  I am not sure I am a parsnip fan- too much a potato radish combo for me.  And the kids definitely were not deceived into thinking they were fries...

Snacks: plantains

Exercise: Run/Walk 2+ miles while pushing my two little tots, and following the big man on his bike.  Let's just say the run started off lovely (all downhill), but you know the saying what goes down must come up! Not so fun on the way up...

Day 5 & a Wild Zoo experience

Ahhh day five! Yes! Finally through almost a full week.  Today I definitely earned my meals, we hiked all over the zoo today. If you've never been to Omaha, it is worth at least a drive through for Henry Doorly Zoo, top zoo hands down!  They had a new dinosaur exhibit that was quite amazing. Although my middle man would tell you different- he did not uncover his eyes for one second and pretty much screamed the whole way through.  Nice.  Nothing like a screaming child, hiking for miles around a zoo in 98 degree weather.  Lovely, lovely.  Top it off I did not pack a lunch as I thought we'd be done by then, so I relied on tea and water to push me through until lunch. Honestly- no hunger pangs!
See told ya

All the other brave souls

Breakfast today: Banana "muffin", chicken sausage, and some sort of egg crepe thing- no name for that.

Lunch: Leftover meat sauce and carrots- definitely my favorite meat sauce!!  Just omit the sugar.  

 Dinner: My new favorite salad.  Chicken fajita salad. Oh my it was super simple and super delicious.  I was surprised.  I didn't even mind the avocado. There is just something about that stuff that I can't get around- texture thing probably.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 4

Really Day 4?? It feels like we've been doing this for longer.  Not, that it is difficult, just seems to be that way.  Anyway today was good, no headache and no snacking between meals! A feat I am glad since we walked around the zoo today in 98 degree weather for a couple hours.  The water really helps keep any sort of snacking at bay.

Breakfast: today was not a good plate- I grabbed a chicken sausage (approved) and ate it with a handful of cashews.  No veggies.  I really need to plan out my own meals better in the morning,especially when I have three kids to get ready to head out the door.  I pack the Mr's lunches and breakfast each night since that was the deal we made so he would do it with me- but I often forget about making myself something.  No pics.

Lunch: was leftover spaghetti squash and sauce- still super delicious, maybe even better than yesterday.

DinnerChicken "Fried Rice"- Honestly I did not miss the rice and felt so much better after eating.  I was out of the seasoning salute from Trader Joe's, but I do love that stuff!  I used coconut aminos in place of the sesame oil.

The Mr wanted some snacks for later- he has a huge sweet tooth and I think that this challenge is harder for him than me.  I really don't have any problems with this diet other than missing my Diet Coke.  But, hey that is totally something I can do without. Him on the other hand... So tonight I found some recipes that would be be considered SWYPO, but honestly I have no sweet tooth and they are still totally within the limits.  I found one for banana muffins and other for some pumpkin dough ball things.  Not really my style, but it satisfies him. Hopefully within the next week he will be able to break himself of the sweet tooth.  

Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 3 - Check!

I awoke and my headache was gone- thank you!! I am still feeling really sluggish in the mornings and late afternoon- it's all I can do to not nap with my younger son.  I realized today that eating on the road, can cause some issues.  So lunch was nothing special and I am sure it did not meet the Whole 30 standards, but veggies were not available.

Breakfast: a couple slices of the quiche- trying to polish that off, and some monkey salad.  I think next time I make it I will try the white sweet potatoes- it's just too sweet for my taste.

Lunch: A sad mix of a Cherry Pie Lara bar (my favorite!) and a couple of slices of whole 30 approved beef jerky my husband made.  Not exciting at all, and no pics since we were driving to Splash Station.

Dinner: Spaghetti squash spaghetti, using this recipe for the sauce.  I omitted the sugar, but it was still fantastic, and I saw no need for the sugar at all.  I also chopped up some cucumber and carrots and topped with a little homemade greek dressing using this recipe.

Snacks: I didn't have any snacks today, which I am glad considering how little I ate for lunch.  I felt completely satisfied after each meal- which is a bonus.  
Exercise: 20 minutes on the bag, and sit-ups. Nothing fantastic. 

On a side note- took the kids to Splash Station today.  Even though it was 90 degrees the water was super cold! So my baby cried, the middle one pouted, and the older one tried to have fun but gave up. Oh well next time! 

Splash Station 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day 2

Man can you say headache!!?? I had a roaring one today.  After our running around I whipped up some green tea and I think the caffeine helped a little.  But, it's still there...just lingering waiting to come out and attack!
I was a little hungry today when lunch and dinner came around, so sorry no pics.  But,  I can promise it was delicious!

Breakfast: More of the arugula quiche, and two slices whole 30 approved bacon, and watermelon.  (yesterday I figured I didn't have enough protein at breakfast so I added in a bit more today which seemed to help)

Lunch: I just had leftovers from dinner last night and some cauliflower and cucumber.  

Dinner: Grilled salmon using this marinade.  Yummy!! Also some sweet potato fries and salad.  

Snacks: Mixed fruit with some whipped coconut milk with cinnamon and vanilla.  
             Key Lime Lara Bar 

All in all a good day.  The headache was annoying and made me a little irritable with my family. I am hoping the "kill all things" phase goes quickly or passes me by, I don't think I could stand to be around myself! 

And for those of you who have kids that are not doing the Whole 30 plan, you know that true love is cooking all those foods you can't have yourself and not even taking a lick of the spoon or knife.  Today was no exception. My kids wanted their very special snack and since I am all to willing to get rid of the temptations I whipped it up.  So for a day when you aren't feeling so paleo or you want to impress your kids try this out! 

Cookie Butter (Trader Joe's) 
Whole Wheat Bread (Great Harvest Bread Company)
Sliced Banana 
Cinnamon & Sugar to sprinkle on top *optional.

How To: 
Just like you make a grilled cheese. Butter the bread and top with bananas, place in the pan. Butter other slice, and on other side spread with cookie butter. Grill until the cookie butter is a whole lot of melty goodness and bread is nice and toasty.  Sprinkle with cinnamon & sugar and have at it! 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Official Launch! Day 1

After a rather crazy busy 4th of July holiday weekend- my brain and body are totally ready for the Whole 30 challenge!  Today was our first day of 30 and it was total cake walk.  But, as it's been said and I can attest- the first day is always the easiest.  It gets more difficult the further you go, until about the half-way point.  Then I hope I get the feeling that I do in any event or challenge where I think "Yes! It's all downhill from here- cake walk."

Today's menu:
Breakfast- Bacon & Arugala quiche with monkey salad

Lunch- Chipotle (lettuce, carnitas, pico, and salsa w/guac)

Dinner- Citrus Baked Chicken (I omitted the sugar) with sweet potato & watermelon

Snack: Handful of cashews
Exercise: 45 minutes of fairly intensive landscaping and ripping up of sod.
Feeling: Great!  I've found that club soda with some slices of lemon or lime help with the desire for a big Diet Coke.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day 3 of the Pre- Whole 30

I truly am glad we eased into it with a trial.  Today was more difficult for me. I had a headache today that would not quit.  The Mr. didn't have a headache but felt shaky.  Isn't it sad what food does to our body. We truly felt like addicts.  Since this week was a trial week- we decided to test it out and see what would happen if we ate regular foods (his idea not mine).  So after eating some lasagna, and a diet coke I felt "normal".  Seriously- addict here! We had a good talk last night about what way of eating is doing for our bodies (in a good way).
Even with our deviation from program last night I am back on it again today- I feel like this easing in will help us next week and won't create such dramatic withdrawl.

Day 2

Okay so remember this is all our pre-Whole 30. We go full force on the 6th.  I was reading on another blog, can't remember where, about a guy who followed a paleo diet that had to try this challenge five times before he was successful!! Wow, I hope it goes smoother for me!
So far so good.  The Mr. complained of a headache today.  I didn't take pics of my food today since it was leftovers.
Breakfast: scrambled eggs and monkey salad
Lunch: leftovers from dinner with the most awesome watermelon mojito salad!!!

Dinner: Pork Loin and Butternut squash soup.  The soup was good- the flavors were a little strong for my taste.
Snacks: Cherry Pie Lara bar (my fav!), handful of cashews

I had to make a run to Costco last night- I feel like we may need more veggies or quick snacks.  So I grabbed some cashews, and scored some sugar free bacon!!!

Day 1 It's all good..

So it is like how they portray it in the book It Starts With Food.  The first day was a piece of cake.  I didn't really feel any cravings.  Breakfast was some scrambled eggs leftover from the egg cups I made for Mr. and monkey salad.
Monkey Salad: diced bananas, coconut flakes, and some nuts like cashews or slivered almonds. I added a few strawberries to mine as well. Definitely my favorite part of the meal.  

Dinner was awesome! I loved the recipe with the tomatoes cooked in the balsamic.