Monday, June 24, 2013

Okay- I'm going for it! Whole 30 here we come!

     Last summer I did the 100 Days of Real Food challenge. This was a great challenge that sparked my interest into what I fed my body.  I complete the challenge and felt amazing, I had lost weight, was no longer bloated, and just didn't have that run-down feeling I got from eating a lot of fast food.
     Fast forward a year and I still try to cook clean and shop clean- but I admit I have slipped... a lot.   We/I have become a person of convenience.  This past school year was so hectic that I just didn't put in as much energy into our food, which in turn sapped my energy even more. Fast food and dining out became a weekly option.
     Well, I am done with it.  I have been reading more and more from Food Babe and 100 Days and other sources and am just done with all the crap that is put into our foods- that I am willingly serving to myself and my family.  So, with my husband on board, we have decided to take the Whole 30 challenge.  So this means for 30 days- no sugar, grains, legumes, alcohol, dairy, white potatoes, and MSG, or sulfites.  So that is going to be a big change for both of us.
     Good-bye Diet Coke. Good-bye margaritas.  Good- bye yogurt.  But hello to a healthy, completely cleaned out me!!