Sunday, March 20, 2011

March 20, 2011

Building a triple cup straw.  I like practicing on nothing at all.  I actually get some good exposures, but when I go out then its all over.

March 18th... Here comes the zoo pics

I only go here about a million times during the summer.  So you'll be seeing a lot of zoo pics.  Some may be mom shots, but who are we kidding I am a mom so whatever I am not even thinking about making money off my "skills" (if you can call it that).

Any tips on shooting inside a water tank...?  I had the flash set to highest setting and still it was so dark.  I needed more time to adjust settings, but yeah right with a 1y/o in tow. 


We are in the process of building our new house. Hopefully I will soon post a pic of a sold sign on our current home.  I attempted to capture the boys staking out the lot .

SS 1/1000  f2.8   ISO 200

Time warp to March 5th...

I again am attempting the speedlite at a different setting. I like the turn out better. I have to keep my ISO low to reduce the noise.  Still seems grainy but I cant tell if it's because I have blown it up on my computer. 
So I am also just working on the lighting aspect now, I find I have more success when I focus on one thing at a time and then put it together with what I have practiced.  Hopefully once the lighting is down I can put it with composition. Really, photography is all about practice and I can actually tell I have slacked off. 

Going back in time...

So I need to post up pics from the past that I have neglected to do.  I am really disappointed with how they have turned out, once I uploaded them onto the computer.  They seem really grainy.  This speedlite thing is a lot harder than it looks kids. 
 SS 1/200  f 4.0   ISO 800  w/speedlite
 Same settings as above
 Same settings as above

This is where it gets tricky.  I was using the Speedlite, but later learned I did not have the settings right, at least I think that is the problem.  I am trying to use the manual setting on the SL, but it is hard to adjust it constantly when the lighting is changing.  I also was finding it difficult to find a place to bounce light.  I did not have it set at custom WB, which I feel would have helped out with the coloring in some. 
 SS 1/200  f4.0   ISO 800

 SS 1/200  f2.8  ISO 800
SS 1/200 f2.8 ISO 800 

Overall I love the speedlite, it is just going to take me some getting used to.  I am much more comfortable shooting outdoors, so I am forcing myself, however painfully, to shoot more indoors in an uncontrolled environment (ie no background or lighting).

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Coming Back from Hiatus!

So sorry to have delayed any picture postings.  This pregnancy has been kicking my butt. I have so little motivation to take my self downstairs and upload and edit pics.  I actually have some great shots on my camera. I finally got my speedlite and I am loving it!!! I will get the blog all updated this weekend!