Monday, August 12, 2013

A question of willpower...

So this morning started off great! I got dinner in the crockpot, got breakfast for the kids (oatmeal) and was prepared my own breakfast bonanza.  The Mr. is taking the oatmeal to work, and I am thinking that while I am home another 1 1/2  weeks I can still stay Whole 30.  Right? Good plan, but poorly executed today.  This morning's breakfast was delish. Two eggs scrambled up in coconut oil, and some cherry tomatoes from  the garden sauted in balsamic vinegar.  Yum!
Well then during lunch, there was a problem. I had to take my computer to the tech center, since my awesome 3 year old broke the screen...grrrr.  So we drove 30 minutes there, had to wait in town for over an hour, and wouldn't you know it's lunch time.  It was already 130 and I was totally pushing my luck holding off the kids.  So here is my willpower- lack there of.  I was to lazy, I admit it, lazy to find a place or run into the grocery store and grab something more nutritionally sound.  What a mistake!! God, I am such a victim of guilt, or remorseful shopping syndrome.  Taco Bell, really, that is what we had.  It's not even food- real food, good food, meat for crying out loud!! 
It was a poorly made decision in a moment of total weakness and laziness.  It was one I will not make again. Here is one thing I know about myself- once I mess up and feel the guilt associated with it- I never make the mistake again.
Dinner was back on track- boring- but on track.

I have also discovered LaCroix waters. I got a pack of the lime flavored ones at Costco and they are awesome! Totally take care of any soda cravings I may get. 

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