Saturday, July 27, 2013


So as I stated in previous post we had spent the weekend in Adventureland. Now I didn't stop, nor am I going to start over on day 1 (that is just crazy!) but I am not counting those days on vacation. I did the best that I could while at the parks and out in a new town, but since I am not 100% certain on the ingredients I am not counting those days into our Whole 30.  I can share what we ate or did to help make it easier.

The morning of we cooked breakfast as per usual. I made sure to bring some extra snacks with us into the park (sneak them in I mean) in case of emergency.  I had checked online before leaving and found a diner that offered a great selection of food for paleo and non-paleo alike, and a few craft beers for the old man.

So lunch consisted of a grilled chicken breast with mustard...boring...but filling. There were none, I mean no veggies in the park except for fries. So I just skipped this.  Note for travelers, I found the park's eateries online and surprisingly enough they listed every ingredient in every food they served right down to the funnel cake batter! I was quite thrilled to see that, not so much the actual ingredients, but they at least were forthright in what was being served.

Dinner was at the Raccoon River Brewing company. It had an excellent menu for paleo people- great choice of sides. I got the sesame crusted tuna and sauteed spinach. Very good if I do say so myself.

We only stayed on night and the next day was at the park- same meal for lunch. The hotel offered a continental breakfast that had scrambled eggs and fruit.  So all in all pretty good paleolithic excursion.  Definitely would need to think ahead about bringing veggies..

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