Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 18

Good lord I was crabby today. I was totally wanting to fall off the wagon, good thing the Mr talked me out of it.  I'm just gonna barf it all out here just so I get it out and can move on!
1. This eating plan is expensive- I don't like spending all my money on food, I like to spend it on quality food- but not just meat and veggies and fat..
2. I don't see what is wrong with legumes or bread. Neither of us had any sort of affliction or problems before and darn it I just wanted some toast with my eggs!  Or homemade (clean) "refried" beans with my fajitas tonight.
3.  There is no way to replicate mashed potatoes, tortillas, chips, or any other old staple with any type of flour- No. Doesn't happen.  I don't care what you say it is not decadent or delicious or whatever. Blah...
4. And, I think that doing all this restriction to my diet is messing with all my systems (some good, some bad) especially the hormones. (obviously)

Can ya tell I am crabby. There I got it out and am moving on. I know this reset is what we need to get back to our clean eating habits and I am definitely eating more veggies then ever before! I've lost 8lbs and feel better physically.  I'm not usually a whiner about our eating, but all I wanted today was a real fajita.

Breakfast: apple and peanut butter and banana (don't look at my breakfast as a good example)

Lunch: chicken fajita meat and a giant bowl of steamed veggies

Dinner: Deconstructed fajita.  I tried a paleo wrap from coconut..uh no thanks.  My one year old liked it though.

And now I am putting my crabby ass to bed! Tomorrow is a new day and today my motto was one meal at a time.  Some days are like that. 

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